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Feb 2008
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I was surprised to read some of these comments! A few years ago the cg was pretty rough. No one seemed to care about it. Now it has improved SO much! People who think it is bad obviously have not been there before it changed hands to the ones who run it now. The staff is friendly and helpful. Lots of information, maps, and numbers provided when you go into the office whether you decide to stay or not. The price is steep for not having pools, wi-fi, cable, etc. but the price is the price. Not true with nearby places. You pay per person after two people and per kilowatt for electric. That is way too expensive. I have a family of 5 so paying $30 per person for 3 "extra" and $0.15 per kilowatt plus $350 a month is well over the price at Fort Campbell. As far as those extras go, the pools are up the street and I don't travel with my family to stop and watch TV. If we get it and its raining then great. If not, that's even better. Plus I could get a satellite if I had to have it. Anyway, the cell phone service has even improved thanks to more towers being added recently. (I heard the towers were added but for sure the service is better) I didn't have a single dropped call and had bars the whole time. Before I had nothing at all. My provider didn't change either. So I'm thinking the tower thing is true. We had no problems with other guests during our stay and the packets of information we were given when we arrived gave phone numbers for emergencies and after hours. There are upgrades being made to the bathrooms and there are even new cabins being built with bathrooms inside. Hopefully the ones who had a bad experience will give it another chance. We will be back!
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