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Indiana 68109
July 4-7, 2024
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With the two dozen military RV campgrounds visited in the past year, this is the absolute worst RV facility! Basically, it is a gravel parking lot, with scattered picnic tables and hookups. The price at $50/night for 30amp FHU is more than twice that of much nicer facilities. While the drive to the FamCamp meanders through young forests, arrival at the parking lot RV camp is a shock. No discipline on which direction to navigate the pull-through sites means that your neighbor has your fire ring and picnic table. There is a camp host, which precludes signing in at the MWR or visitor's center. However, having RVs all pulling in side-by-side in the same direction, they are parked in a helter-skelter manner. There are small cabins available. The primitive tent campsites are awesome, situated right on the lake shore. There is also screen enclosures right on the water. Would not recommend taking an RV, even a popup trailer into the tent/screen enclosure area due to the poor road quality. Granted, there is a well-stocked commissary and small post exchange/gas station. Have stayed at Air Force R&D bases (Arnold AFB) that have similar security thresholds as at this Navy electronic warfare R&D base. Absolutely better than this Navy Gateway FamCamp. Starlink coverage was good (100+ Mbps) as there is no trees in the sterile campground. No T-Mobile coverage either. AT&T has three cell towers on base, with less than 50% signal at the FamCamp. Centralized bath house, with free laundry.
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