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May 2021
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Stayed at the Waianae Hale, which is the 'O-6' accommodation at the Center. The place is run down and neglected. The mechanisms for almost all the louver windows are broken and the windows are not secure. The window screens are either non-existent or have big gaps or holes in them. With broken windows and no screens, the bedroom was a cockroach highway. Sleep was difficult, as cockroaches and other bugs crawled under the covers at night. You are either awakened by them or wake up with crushed cockroach parts (from when you rolled over and killed them in your sleep). With broken windows and no screens, the bedroom was a cockroach highway. A really disgusting experience and we checked out early without sleeping there another night. Did they express any concern or offer a refund for the night we didn't stay there? No. Is there a plus to this place? The beach is absolutely beautiful and they are in the process of renovating some of the units. Be sure to ask for a renovated one if you decide to stay here.
Pililaau Army Recreation Center
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May 12, 2021
We were there in March and found a couple roaches in the kitchen but thankfully not in the bedroom! Yikes. It needed some upgrades for sure, but I don't think the windows were broken. We loved the location, the view, and that there is a restaurant option on site overlooking the ocean. We also look forward to the remodeled units some day when we return.
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