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Mar 21, 2017
(Updated: March 22, 2017)
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Stopped at Lotts Island RV Park on 3/21/2017 on our way home from Florida. The office was closed so we picked an empty site and set up. After we were completely set up, a young man in a MWR t-shirt arrived and informed us that we could only stay if we had a reservation and that they were not accepting reservations. He stated this was because workers were supposed to come and address the stumps of trees that were blown down by Hurricane Mathew five months previously. When I inquired as to why other campers were allowed to stay, he stated that they were there "before". Since it was obvious that the other units looked like they had been there awhile, I asked who they were and he replied "contractors". Who are these people and what gives them precedence over retired military? As it was late in the afternoon and we were already set up and had put our check in the drop box, we came to an agreement that we would address the situation the next morning. At 8am the following morning, the camp director, Chase Howell POUNDED on our camper door. He informed us that we could not stay there without a reservation. When asked how to get reservation, he replied we couldn't and threatened to call the MPs if we didn't leave. We elected to speak to the MPs and they agreed that regardless of all the empty sites, we couldn't stay without a reservation. The MWR campground website does not state that the campground is closed or that reservations are required. It even states that civilians are welcome space available. The guards at the entrance gate next to the campground did not say anything either. As another retiree was asked to leave also, this was not just an isolated event. As you can ascertain by the previous reviews, this situation has been on going since at least 2013. We have been traveling the last four years and have stayed in military campgrounds all over this country. We have always been treated fairly and with respect. This place treated a 36 year veteran like a criminal. 
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April 01, 2017
Campground closed when I called. Was told that it should be open Monday 3 April. Was told to call that day to see about reservation. As was traveling to North, couldn't wait.
April 06, 2017
Called first part of March 2017 for reservation they said it was closed till the first week in April, Called April 1st and was told not going to be open till May 1st 2017 now.
2 results - showing 1 - 2