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June 2016
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After I wrote this critical review, Steve the Asst Park Mgr, visited me to apologize and explain some problems and the fix he is instituting. Steve was a very genuine person and he will do a great job fixing all the problems he has encountered as the new Mgr. If any of you have encountered problems and this RV park Steve will fix it and I will give them another change. The balance of our stay was wonderful and you all must see the Triangle at Moody with the older A/C. Its Great! Steve good luck wit the new position and you have my support.   ----  (Original Posting:) This park is not anyway near AF standards and I have to blame the Senior Officers for this. The Camp Host, if their is one, has never shown his/her face especially when we got here. We stopped in front and a passerby camper pointed to the office. Staff at office was very nice but did the minimum. The RV turnaround at the office is very very tight and should not be recommended, as they did, for use. Small popup to 25' Ok but no bigger and I almost took out the power pole. I don't agree in letting civilians stay at the CG, they can us the lake but no full timing as they are and again, this is a sign of poor senior officer management especially of my time spent for this benefit, and now any one gets it. I will send a letter to the AFCG and CC my Senator that my benefits are be offered to the civilians in this area, and suggest you all do the same. I also think the Camp Host, if there is one, be terminated. The squirrels do a better job greeting you.  ----  (Jun 11th added:) Steve, the Asst. Park Mgr., recently visited me because of my unflattering review (see above) of the park. The Commanding General/Officer should thank his/her lucky stars they have such a dedicated individual working for Moody. Steve was truly taken by the comments and wanted to know all he could do to fix the problems and some possible solutions. I could tell Steve is a very caring individual and wants what's best for Moody, the Park and us retires. This Park has so much potential and everything works and with Steve's fine tuning will make it a profitable cost center. I suggest to all my brothers and sister who are traveling through GA, stop and stay a night or 2 at Grassy Pond. And visit the Triangle aboard Moody because the display is awesome. Thank you Steve for making our stay a great one and I'm glad the Air Force has selected you. Go Navy and Semper Fi
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