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Feb 2016
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Nice camp ground.  Nice walking trail around the lake.  Not on Moody AFB proper.  Get off I75 at exit 5.  1.9 miles from exit to camp ground.  Clean facilities.  We heard from a few of the civilians and hand full of military retirees there.  The military do not like this arrangement.  I do not like being negative.  But might as well tell you up front, I do not like civilians in military camp grounds.  They didn't serve but sure want the benefits we all earned. So now for what we saw and how we feel (sorry): The civilians plan on staying.  One told us "where else can I get a site for $450/month with all util paid.  Wifi.  Community house with TV and micro?"  "I am staying."  Other civilians expressed the same. The few military retirees that were there expressed their feelings about these civilians there:  oppose it. Just about two years ago the MWR kicked most of the retirees out of the campground.  Now the door is wide open for civilians to long term stay.  Yes, they can stay 90 days and move out for one day.  The civilians we talked to told us they would go to a local Walmart for one night and come right back the next day. When this place is full of civilians and active/retired military cannot get a space -- how will MWR handle that? Don't think that will happen?  Just listen to the attitude of the office people.  They don't care.  Goal is make the bucks.  From hearing things at the office seems the people on the desk feel "well if they are paid up then we won't move them for a military person."  Just great!  There is a military camp ground in MN that let civilians in a few years ago.  Military can no longer get in.  We stopped there few years ago to check this out.  Yep, could not get in.  100% full with civilians.  Here we served.  Honorable discharge.  Retired.  And a civilian who never served can keep us out?  Something is wrong here folks. The office told us had to let them in or close the place.  Then MWR needs to manage the place better.  And free up some the funding that goes to the golf courses and O Clubs to help out the camp ground. We are sure by this coming summer (2016) the place will be jam packed with civilians homesteading.  And military will not be able to get in. Who are these civilians MWR is letting stay long term at Grass Pond?  We were told one is a ex-con and his girl friend is now in jail.   We were told this by more than one military camper.  THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED. Wow!  Bottom line, do we need any of this type as our neighbor in a MILITARY FamCamp?  This guy had/has guys over in his tiny trailer late at night.  From what we were told, they sure didn't look like coming over for a BBQ and a beer type.  Seems MWR does not know who is coming in and do not check on these people.  These civilians, for the most of them, never served a day in uniform.  They see a great deal and are moving in.  We served with honor.  and have to put up with this?  One of the civilians is doing odd jobs around the camp ground.  Wonder if he is even paying rent? Another civilian living in one of the cottages told us he is staying.  He works at a local factory and is telling his co workers to come on out and live at GP. Another civilian told us he was here.  Went to a civilian campground.  Didn't like paying so much and not getting anything.  So he is back to live long term. Another civilian plays camp ground host.  She pays rent.  Then the office give it back to her as "payment" for work.  I thought this type of dealings were not authorized by AF Regulation? Seems the manager at GP found a way to say she is paying rent.  If MWR cannot make a buck at Grassy Pond then close it down.  We personally object to civilians coming in. Grassy Pond is a very nice rec area.  Too bad it is about ready to go down the tubes with a flood of civilians. We were in the community room.  In comes a civilian woman.  She has a very nasty way about her.  She brings her dog into the community center/laundry room.  When asked to take the dog out she says "I am getting my home sprayed today for fleas and I don' leave my dog outside."  Thanks lady for bringing your mutt and its fleas into the community room.  NO respect here. She is one of the long term civilians who live here. She is in the end spot, one of the best spaces, on the other side of the road to the circle side. Way to go MWR.  Thanks.  ----  Added Jun, 2016: t66quin, thank you for your review.  Sincerely hope you do follow up by sending your written comments to higher ups. Letting civilians in is a big mistake and a insult to active and retired personnel who have served. The civilians we spoke to there had a bad, very bad, attitude about military folks.  Be it retired or active duty.   This did not happen over night at GP. Good olde boy hand shaking has gone on at GP for years with the local civilians (no military connection).  Management at GP knows this.   They like being buddy buddy with the locals.  Instead of taking care of those who are serving and have served! I would be surprised, very surprised, if ****** does anything but give mouth service. The civilians we personally spoke with do not belong at GP FamCamp.  All of them had intentions of homesteading there.  Taking advantage of the low rates.  Few, if any of them, ever served a day in the military. IMHO I would fire the entire bunch who run GP and put some go getters in there who FAVOR the military and not the civilian community.  It will take time but the military will come back.  RI remember civilians (with no military connection what so ever) out there YEARS ago.  So this didn't start yesterday.  They kicked the military out few years ago.  Nothing like group punishment.  Instead of warning and going after the one or few who needed to go...they kicked the entire lot out. Now bunch of civilians are homesteading there.  Some you don't want to know their back ground! The military customers out there will slowly go away.  Then the place will be nothing more than your cheap Ga type of fishing hole camp ground.
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May 13, 2016
Active duty and military retirees have PRIORITY. If what had happened to you would had happened to me, I would be parking my RV outside the Base Headquarters while I walked in to speak to the base CO. Sounds like the MWR manager has a racket going on. I have had similar issues at a few other military campgrounds. Some of these MWR managers treat the place as their own little kingdom. As soon as I use the expression, "No problem, I will just go speak to the base CO. He can explain to me why you have non-military members occupying military installation campsites", miraculously they find me a spot. In addition, I know of NO military regulation that allows a camper to stay on a site beyond 60 days. don't piss around with these MWR monkeys....go to their military boss. No help? Pick up the phone and call a Senator or Congressman..while your standing in the lobby...let the base CO explain to them why you can't a space because civilians occupy them.
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