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Georgia 146940
April 2015
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Stopped in Grassy Pond Fam Camp last winter. The facilities have improved. Nice place. Nice lake with boats, walking path etc. Thank God they ran the homesteaders out of there. The homesteaders were there starting to run the place. OR should we say "ruin the place." That is what happens when you have people stay long term homesteading. They start to think they are above the rules and the place belongs to them. Hats off to who ever made the decision to have this group of homesteaders move on. Ran them out. THANK GOD! Now we see Grassy Pond is open to the general public. Folks the general public has been sneaking in Grassy Pond for years. One time I had some civilian woman and her kids set up their stuff on OUR table outside of OUR RV. We told her to move on. I don't mind civilian visitors. To a point. If these people want to use a military facility so bad then raise their right arm and JOIN up. Serve and go places where civilians don't want to go to. Nope they want military benefits without serving. This is not right. All of us need to write to the command and Moody AFB and let the command know we served. These local civilians did not serve. What happened to the days of a military facility being there to support the troops/airmen/saliors and retirees? Guess those days went away when MWR needed to make a buck. IMHO it is WRONG to let civilians in to the FamCamp.
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