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8 - 12 Nov 2014
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SADLY I WILL LIKELY NOT RETURN. Stayed here for 4 nights while traveling to Florida. It is a BEAUTIFUL area but from what I am told I was lucky to not be there in mosquito season. The spanish moss was beautiful. The facilities are very nice and just a beautiful location. The camphost was awesome and more helpful than could be asked for at all times. There is a downside, while speaking to the camp manager I was informed that beginning in January this camp will be opened to ALL civilians with no military DoD affiliation required. This was a disturbing fact to myself and the other campers I spoke with. The campground is making a profit but apparently the powers that be decided a LARGER profit could be made by opening to the general public. Due to this fact that is why I started with I will not return. Most of the other campers I spoke with also claimed that even though they had been coming here for years they also doubt they will return. The campground is about 25 miles from Moody AFB. I hope this is a one off decision but it may just become the start of ruining military locations not located on bases. It appears to be that MWR has lost its way on what their mission is - to work for and support the military. This change eliminates the WHY active duty and retirees choose military facilities. I explored the entire facility and had a very enjoyable stay.
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February 11, 2016
Agree with you. We will not be back. We will not stay with a bunch of civilians. Who do not care for the military. Have never served. Especially when we found out about who some of these civilians are!
MWR and the Command are not monitoring who comes in.

Give it a year or two and the place will be over ran with homesteading civilians.

I wonder if this is really about MWR not being able to make a buck or if there is some other "dealings" going on.
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