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17 Feb to 26 Feb 2013
(Updated: March 04, 2013)
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If you do not have a Sticker you will need to enter Hunter at the “Montgomery” Gate to sign in then proceed to the Rio Rd. gate, the campgrounds are located next to the “Rio” Gate. The grounds office personnel are very helpful & friendly the same goes for the gate guards! There is no Laundry, Showers or Toilets… There is full hock-up and our camper has a shower and toilet so no problem but we missed the laundry. We had problems with the camp Wi-Fi, better said it is almost worthless we even stood next to the antenna with our laptops!... However across the street is a Target with a customer Wi-Fi in which works good if you sit outside of your camper, you may have to walk over to the fence or drive over to their parking lot, no code is needed. The campgrounds picks up the city noises thus not quite; however the trees make the surroundings absolutely beautiful! Lot #6 is muddy and under water when it rains (with the exception of the concrete slab)! We were on lot #5 it also has some standing water when it rains but you will be able to get from your car to camper without wading in water & mud; however will not be able to walk a circle around your trailer without boots on. The other lots do not have standing water problems. The fitness center is a dream; the PX & Commissary are adequate. There is a Walmart just around the corner… across the street from Target. Hunter is very close to the touristic/historic parts of Savannah and probably needless to say Savannah is absolutely great! Our word for Savannah is “WOW” ! ;-) My advice… “Go to Savannah and RV at Hunter!!!”
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