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May 25, 2012 and November 29, 2015
(Updated: December 08, 2015)
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I am so surprised that no one seems to have had trouble finding the gate.  The main gate has a "no trucks" sign, and the next gate down on Fleming, the Commercial Truck gate, says no POV.  There is no gate simply named "truck gate".  We came in from South County line and drove the whole length of Fleming looking for a truck gate.  Got to Mock and realized it must have been back there somewhere.  We called and were told we have to use the main gate.  We have a 40' pusher with toad, but okay, we tried it.  They allowed us to go around the building and out another fenced area - but why then do the directions here say truck gate?  What a fiasco.  Once we got here to the park, it's nice enough, and we may be back sometime now that we know where it is, but boy, the signage on base as well as these directions could use an overhaul! I'll revisit this when we leave to change the ratings as needed.  ~~~~~~~~~~  November 29, 2015: As of October 2015 the commercial gate off Fleming Road is closed for reconfiguration and will likely not be reopened for commercial purposes, only POVs. The new Commercial Gate is off S Mock Rd, but is only for Commercial Vehicles; not RVs. RVs must enter at main gate off Fleming Road. The "no trucks" sign in front of the main gate means no commercial vehicles, but the gate guards will open a gate for an oversized non-commercial vehicle. The office is in Building 3600 which is right behind the HQ building #3500 which is straight ahead on entering the base. This go-around the experience was much more pleasant, given that we called ahead to verify the main gate was the place to go.  Sure wish we could have gotten our hands on an installation map, though. never did find the commissary.
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