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Georgia 49676
Feb 11 2012
(Updated: February 12, 2012)
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Arrived at MCLB Friday afternoon from Florida. I have a Class B so we used the main gate. I had put the lat & long into my GPS but it didn't work that well when we got close. There were good signs though. I'm sure it is my GPS, it's older and I've had other problems with it. At the gate the guard gave good instructions. Stay right, go past the golf course, when you get to the fire station on your left, stay left and you'll dead end into the RV park. He was right. We had reservations, we were told we could pay the Camp Host or drop a check in the box. Camp Host works on base and he was at work, there were no envelopes at the drop box so we drove to the MWR and paid. Gas on base was much cheaper then the outside so we filled up. We noted the base theater had a good movie, first run, so we came back for the movie. ($2.50 adults $1 kids under 12) When we made reservations we were given an inside spot that had no cable. When we checked in they moved us to a spot with cable and they told us they had been trying to get them to put the cable in the middle spots but the guy hasn't done it yet. Also talked to the Camp Host when he came by and he said that they had new base housing so they kept an old house that will be converted into the bath house/laundry. He talked as it would be done soon. Wi Fi was great. All in all this is a hidden gem. Yes there are homesteaders but the area is neat and clean and for now there were plenty of spots.
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