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Georgia 147091
Dec. 27, 2009
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Grassy Pond could be one of the best "one nighters or extended stay" campgrounds in GA. Unfortunately, the campground needs a more progress/aggressive management. The RV sites are minimal at best. They have removed the kitchen at the office, that allowed guest to cook together, and any hot foods that they used to serve at the counter. Now their raising the monthly RV site rate to $380.00. I looked at all of the other RV sites in Georgia and the only other military campground that charges this high a rate is Kings Bay. If Grassy Pond had the same standards as Kings Bay, I would gladly pay the $380.00. Kings Bay is on base, has controlled access and base security, close to base facilities, extremely clean, well managed and well maintained. It appears that Moody management wants to suck in the funds that are generated by Grassy Pond for their own slush funds, rather than improve the campground. The only reason I gave four stars for hospitality, is that the on site staff, camp ground volunteers and site host, work wonders with what little they have to work with.
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