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Georgia 66606
May 21-26 2009
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Just in case you get stuck like we did I want to share this with you: After the fiasco at Points West, Appling, we went as directed to Fort Gordon. Once you enter the gate, whether it be Gate 1 or Gate 2, it is still a loonnng drive to the "campground". If you go to register first then you have quite a trip ahead of you. This Post is HUGE!! The MWR folks were honest and very nice so our complaint is not about them. And we are responsible for not researching more and being prepared for a busy holiday weekend, dumb on our part. The story is that this place will be closed on July 1, 2009 and will not re-open until the campground is totally redone. I will be watching this site to see if anyone knows if it closes or not. The big, beautiful log cabin type office is amazing. That is the only place any money has gone as far as the campground is concerned. Without going into the whole story of being stuck here for the entire Memorial Day weekend, I will leave you with - AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS until you know for sure that it has been cleaned up and renovated. As of this date it is not a good place to be. They have water and electric. There was a couple others there while we were there and they left before we did. There was a van down by the lake that looked like it had been there for quite some time. The other two vehicles there had been there for a long time as well. You can tell from the tall, tall weeds growing up around them.
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