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Georgia 99148
May 21, 2009
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We called and spoke with Ruth and she said they were full with the exception of a few sites with only electricity. She said that they do not take reservations that it was first come first served at all times. We were willing to go for that, after all it was a holiday weekend starting. When we arrived, we were greeted by Ruth and Larry and they were very helpful. They both told us they would check and see if there was a possibility of a site with full hook-ups available. We waited a few minutes and Ruth came out with the "good news". She said they had checked and there was one empty site with full h/u. We were happy. We paid for 5 nights, she fixed us up with a little plastic bag to hang on the pole at our assigned sight. We drove to it and found there was one already hanging on the pole. We just got out to unhook the car so that we could back the MoHo in when Larry drove up and told us that he had made a mistake and that someone was already checked into the sight, their "reservation" had already began. Slip of the tongue I'm sure. So we drove back to the office to get changed to a partial hook-up site. Ruth said she was so sorry. I told her that I understand how difficult it is to keep up with so many reservations. Both she and Larry came back with "we don't accept reservations". I said maybe that was the wrong word. If you pay in advance and hang your little plastic bag with the paperwork inside on the pole the site is yours, but it's not a reservation.
There were 5 sites not reserved when we arrived. Then Larry told us that he didn't think the site would be big enough for our rig. Sure enough it wasn't. They refunded our money and said "sorry". Larry called and checked on Leitner Lake on Post to see if they had any sites and they said yes and that they would hold one for us. For that review you'll have to look at the Leitner Lake site. Oh boy.
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