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Georgia 153202
May 19, 2018
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Had made "reservations" a few weeks ago and were told we would have spot #5. When we arrived, someone was in that spot and looked like they had been there for quite some time.So we drove around the loop and picked another spot. MWR was closed for the day, so we set up and planned on going in the morning to pay. There were so many bugs, flies and ants! We had to constantly spray ourselves with bug spray. It was all dirt everywhere. We have 2 dogs and had to actually load them up in the car and take them somewhere else to do their business because of the insects, and there was not much grass in the park either. The receptacle where you discard your dogs poop was completely full, and hadn't been emptied in a while. We had planned on staying a few days, but couldn't tolerate the conditions, so left after 1 night. We did go to MWR, and spoke to a couple of great guys, filled out a comment card, and were told to leave cash in the box back at the camp (the person in charge of the RV park wasn't in). I would not recommend this park at all!
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