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Florida 200670
July 3-4 2012
(Updated: July 25, 2012)
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We stayed in the off season, no snow birds. There are a few semi homesteaders. GI's (some pretty senior) found out they can use their housing allowance to buy some nice RV's before they retire. When snowbirds aren't around there is not a lot going on. Club house on beach has restricted hours. We went there for the 4th of July thinking it would be like the old days with lots of activity's. Not so. The only thing going on was to go to Bayshore Drive and watch the fireworks across the bay. Nothing going on, on base, in fact a lot of things closed down for the holiday. There are three or four wifi sites but none were working well while we were there and we were right across from the bath house. All in all this trip was a bust. Nothing going on when snowbirds aren't there and you can't get in when they are there. So much for recreational RVing. There was construction going on, some new roads and hook ups being improved, didn't see any more sites being added. One of those you love it or you hate it places. On another note, you can eat in the chow hall (DFAC) but I was warned to watch the prices, overall good savings but not always.
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