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May 27, 2022
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This campground haa been one of our favorite places to stop over the years. Mike is still here and is most gracious and helpful. The parking site that was allotted to us in the reservation was not the best, so Mike checked others and found one that had become available. It was perfect for what we needed. He gladly filled my propane tanks, even though I could tell he was busy with other important things to do. I appreciate his help and friendliness. Nevertheless, we may not be in such a hurry to return in the future. They have doubled the rates to $50 per night - twice the $25 of before June. Why? And what are they going to do with that extra money? What kind of services and benefits will the campers now see that was not there before? I worry this rate increase will keep folks like us away and the campground will, in the end, not get a great deal more in revenue that they claim they need. The shrubbery, wiped out by the Hurricane, is growing back nicely. But still you don't get the privacy we used to get in years past. It will take a few more years. This video shows what it used to be. Wifi is still not available. It is impossible to understand why. It was available in 2009 in the nice Community Center where campers would go to connect, visit with other campers, and socialize. A very comfortable setting. In later years, they tried site-wide wifi. That was good too. The Navy has been doing this for years. Suddenly, the benefit of wifi was terminated without explanation. Now the rate has been increased an extra $25 per day without installing a wifi service that would make camping there more comfortable. We stayed 4 nights ($200). Since it was Memorial Day weekend, we did not want to be on road without having some other place to stay. And so, we paid the price. We are not sure when and if we will return. I will certainly be looking to the reviews of other campers here to see how things have improved.
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