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Mar 27 2019
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We stayed two nights. Mike in the office was very accommodating when I called to make reservations. We wanted to see the effects of the Hurricane Michael last fall. The base, town, and campground are still in poor shape visually. This was once our most favorite campground. The base had over 850+ base housing that was totally destroyed. Campground is full with essential personnel who have to be here but cannot get suitable housing. The pictures show how the trees and vegetation has been blown away. BX,commissary, gym are open. Many buildings need to be repaired. On base, the boardwalk to the beach is gone and all buildings are still damaged. At the campground, the community center survived very well, but the old crowd that used to be there to play games and visit are gone. Wifi is not available. This has been a perennial problem for over 8 years, that I know of. Apparently, mission requirements prevent them from being able to set up camp-wide wifi like the Navy (and some AF campgrounds) are able to do. Back in the day they had internet only in the community center -- a better option than having none at all. The price, $25/night, is high, considering what you get. But maybe they need the funds to begin to rebuild and beautify this campground. Nature will take a lot of time to grow back. Two nights was enough time for us on this trip. 
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