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Mar 10. 2019
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On 9 Oct 2018 Hurricane Michael landed about 6 miles from the Air Force Base. CAT 4, 155 MPH. At the Airfield it was holding at a steady 129 mph. 4th most powerful hurricane to hit the U.S. 5 months later we pulled into the campground and could not be leave what we saw. Over 50 miles out we started to see the snapped trees and a little later the blue tarps. Ground zero there are concrete block buildings with holes 8 ft off the ground that a car could drive thru. PANAMA CITY STRONG is the motto down here. The campground was known as to having so many trees that you would never be able to use you Dish TV. Not anymore as you can see by the pictures. These people are all going to Heaven because they have been to Hell and made it back. GOD BLESS THEM. Camp is open, only here for 2 days. looks like it is half full. It is so sad to see all the trees gone.
After 2018 Hurricane Damage
After 2018 Hurricane Damage
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