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Delaware 71469
May 6-8, 2015
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There are three gates North, Main, and Commercial; north to south. The North gate was not open on the weekend but we came in that gate on Friday with our 25' motorhome. I would not see a problem with a larger one. On Saturday, when we left base and reentered through the Main Gate, Base police had me back up from the left entry point (the only one of the three open when we pulled up) and enter through the right gate which they opened for me. They felt that our RV might hit the security camera which was mounted about 9-10' above ground level. Better safe than sorry. Access through the Commercial gate is not permitted for RV's. Directions to the FamCamp can be followed from either the North or Main Gate; add half a mile if you enter through the North gate. At the entrance to the campground we filled out the registration slip and put it with our check in an envelope provided and dropped it in the box. We only went to Outdoor Rec to get propane (around the back/north side of the building. You will have to call them for directions. We never found a good base map. The one on line is fuzzy. There is a visitor center at the Main Gate. Their map is fuzzy too. Use written and oral directions supplemented with Google Earth. No laundromat on base but there is a nice one just north of the North gate on Highway 1. Large commissary and BX are available and easy to find. The gas station Express did not have diesel, but had a complete Class VI. Overall, the FamCamp is nothing fancy. Just a place the spend a night or two if passing through. Some sites have sewer hookup. Ours did not but the dump station is easily accessible and below ground level so dumping is easy. We had a picnic table. There is no shower or bathroom in the FamCamp. Across the street from the FamCamp is an Air Museum. You can see the planes on display through the chain link fence but they are not accessible from inside the Base. You have go to out the Main Gate, south on Highway One and turn left onto Highway 9. You literally drive around the south end of the airstrip and enter the museum grounds from off base.
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