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Colorado 98983
July 17-20, 2014
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This was our third stay here since the Fam Camp opened.
The automated reservation system went down in June due to a lightning strike and it hasn't been repaired yet. There is no backup manual reservation system. So, it's first come, first served! The Outdoor Recreation office personnel don't even know how many spots are available. While I was checking in, an incoming camper phoned to see if any spots were available. The person who answered said (he/she) didn't know. When I got to the RV Park I counted 8 open spots. Seems like it would be pretty easy to take a spin through the Fam Camp at about 10AM and see what's open and what activity looks to be getting ready to depart. As I write this, ALL SPOTS ARE TAKEN! Enough of all that. The grass has grown over the past two years so local "dust storms" are unlikely; it is clear that mowing is regularly done. The laundry (high quality 2 washer, 2 dryer) remains free. There was a plan to plant trees but Fam Camp proximity to the flight line, the attraction of birds to trees, and the attraction of birds to jet engine inlets has cancelled that plan. The camp rules were not provided at check-in. They are posted on the camp bulletin board though it's apparent few read them (parking on the grass, laundry drying on outside lines, excessive speed in the Fam Camp). Lack of a Camp Host is apparent. So, it's a mixed bag for me. Positives are proximity to Denver, level full service pads, free laundry, Commissary PX proximity, and base security. Negatives are no backup reservation system, little knowledge of current camp occupancy, lack of a Camp Host, and lack of enforcement of the very few but reasonable rules. All in all though, we prefer to stay here when we return to Denver.
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