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Jan 2 and 3, 2017
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We made a reservation, which is recommended. The directions as provided are good but if you have your Google Earth with the voice prompts it will help. Coming off the bridge leads you into residential areas with many turns and roundabouts. We had a space which backed to the Navy residences rather than the water. Acceptable since we were gone most of the time touring San Diego. Kids playing in the back yards and dogs barking can be a bit distracting. We used the bike path and the local bus to gain access to Coronado (the city). We did not go on base. The base has all the facilities available such as commissary BX, etc., but they are about four miles to the north of the FamCamp. The FamCamp has a small store for RV supplies. The clerk at the check in desk was helpful and friendly. She turned us over to another employee for some detailed questions. He was very helpful especially with the bus schedule and routes. The bus is $1.10 for seniors and does not require a special card as indicated on their web site. Just look old and tell the driver you are a senior. We would especially recommend the tour of the Midway Aircraft Carrier, even for non-Navy folks. $10 for retirees. Allow at least three hours. Also, stop by the hotel Del Coronado and walk the lobby and grounds. Overall a great couple of days, but you really cannot go wrong in San Diego.
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