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Mar 1 - 31, 2016
(Updated: April 22, 2016)
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Another great visit at Seabreeze. WiFi worked sometimes, and other times it was very slow. We have family in the area and the location and price is perfect for us. Not much else on base for visitors, just a small NEX, gym, and barber shop. They've been funded and it's in design to add 21 new FHU sites to the RV Park. They expect them to be ready in year 2018.
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(Updated: April 21, 2016) April 21, 2016
As you have stated you support the military, but you are against them saving money. That would be the same as if you had a budget for a vacation and you made an incredible deal on it. Then instead of me being supportive of the deal you made and were able to put money aside for retirement. Instead just being angry because you did not spend whole allotted. I am glad you know how many houses are available at a given moment. It is the peace of mind. As many of your military leave frequently. Given that the economy is not that safe outside the gate or surrounding area. As there is no base near the vicinity to move our families. You have stated the cost of living is higher so we (military) don’t have a choice where we get stationed. Unlike you! Who states having family in the area can leave any time you desire and go wherever you please. But on a good note. While you’re can choose where you go. Just remember there are many others who can’t. As this a military base first. Not a vacation resort, it is an added benefit to others as, active duty have priority.
April 22, 2016
In reply to an earlier comment

I'm all for the military saving as much as they can. My disagreement is in turning a "recreational" facility into a "housing" facility. Many times, an active duty member can't use some of our military RV Parks while on their well earned leave (vacation), since people are "living" in these RV Parks. Most military RV Parks are operated under MWR - the R stands for Recreation, not housing. I'm not referring to using a military RV Park temporarily while waiting for housing or on TDY, but using the RV Park as a permanent residence for years.
2 results - showing 1 - 2