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California 186775
July 2-6, 2014
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This was our first time to the park, it was suggested to us by a retired Navy person. We called for reservations 4 months ago and we were looking for 2 spots side by side, which we were told that we could have, well upon arriving we were told we would not have side by side spots, one was on one side of the park and the other on the other side, now the park was not that big, but it was the 4th of July and we would have liked to be our friends. We had to wait to get our spots which someone who was in one of them had to be told to leave and we did not check in until 1500. The office at the park does not control the reservations, this is done thru the 800 number, and they of course over booked. Also this is the only park that allows people to live continuous with out checking out extended stay! So we got to spot 79, next to us was a Class A that was extended stay and we were approached by the people across from us to say to ask for another spot, the people in spot 78 were permanent and they were trouble makers, yelling screaming, and the spot they were in was HORRIBLE, DIRTY Etc. To find out these campers have been moved within the park, and have been addressed by the Base COMANDER. I am okay with extended stay RV and Full Timers! one day I hope to be part of that elite group, however if they are going to allow permanent stay they should have 2 rows for them and allow others to have the other spots. This was the only bad part of the Sea Breeze RV Resort! Positive things... The sites are HUGE and nice car parking spot on site, the sites and part was clean, oh yes FREE Laundry and ICE. The showers and restrooms were spotless!. The staff was friendly and helpful, the Night Host they are great people and have their hands full with spot 79. The beach they have at the end of the pier is nice, however cant use it when a ship is in port. Con's - Permanent spots for extended stay over 90 Days, Messy Tenants spot 79# ONLY rest are very nice and clean. Coyotes! they are all over the place, need to make sure you watch your pets, and do not leave unattended. Would I stay here again, Yes I would with the minor stuff that happened, hey you can get this any place you stay.
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June 06, 2015
Thank you for your excellent comments. I am one of the two camp-hosts that alternated duties. Just wanted you to know that our problematic guest at site 79 is gone. They were grandparents trying to raise young grandkids. Park staff flexed as long as they could until it became untenable.
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