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8 Feb 2007
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Staying there right now. I am a TOUGH rater...keep that in mind. Seabreeze is the "only game in town...LA area, that is. Absolutely perfect for visiting Disney, Q Mary, Long Beach, etc...if you have to (or want to) be in the LA area, this is the perfect place. New, clean, well maintained, quiet, spotless free laundry and showers, bordered by a wetlands wildlife preserve, reasonable cost golf close by, cable TV, on and on... Seal Beach is a short and easy bike ride of our absolute favorite little beach towns. Some great restaurants. Negatives: No weekly or monthly rates. Priced pretty high for a military RV facility. Wi-Fi is expensive. It was terrible in connectivity until mid/late Jan. The RV provider took action, and it has been very reliable (but still expensive) since then. There is a small BX shopette, a barber shop and a small gym within walking distance of the RV facility. They are closed on weekends. Lots of commercial facilities really close by. All the usual support "stuff" is at Navy Los Alamitos, about 15 min away, but that is primarily a Reserve Base. A travel tip: LA traffic is really congested. Westbound, the bad traffic begins at Riverside. If coming in from that direction, highly recommend that you "hole up" somewhere prior to Riverside the evening before entering the LA Basin. Best time to come through the LA area is on a Sunday. If you can, on any day, plan to transit the Basin between 1000 and 1330. For weekday travel, I wouldn't even think of hauling an RV through that area between 0500-0930 and 1500-1900 . And I'm fearless... Seabreeze is a really fine place..location is perfect. You will enjoy your stay.
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