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California 186775
1-14 April 2010
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Very strict firearms policy. If you're going to bring any weapons onto this base, including BB guns and bows and arrows, either keep your mouth shut and take your chances or be prepared to be denied access to the base. Even though the MWR folks at the campground tell you to inform the security police if you have any weapons and they will be kept in the vault until you leave, they are WRONG! Trying to comply with their policy I reported my weapons to the security police. I was informed that I would have to immediately leave the facility with my weapons. Absolutely no exceptions to the "No Weapons" policy were allowed. I was escorted off the base with the weapons in my toad. Fortunately my wife had a friend in the vicinity that agreed to keep our weapons until we left. I guess honesty is not always the best policy. I doubt if there are many full time military RVers who travel without a weapon of some sort on board. Other than that incident, this is a fantastic park if you want to see Los Angeles and surrounding area.
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