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June 2009
(Updated: September 15, 2009)
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Although I agree with many that this "new" campground is of great quality, and the fact that Sea Breeze is the only Military Campground in the greater LA area it does a good service by simply being there for us, following the closing of the LA AFB FamCamp several years ago. My biggest issue with Sea Breeze however, is really the bigger issue with the Navy's MWR (if it can still be called MWR) program. Given that almost every other services campgrounds are at least a third less expensive than the Navy CG's I wish that the Navy management would keep in mind that these places should be for the enjoyment and "economical" use of the Active Duty and Retired members, (other DOD and Fed Civilians too). My point is that the rates the Navy in general charges does pull in a lot of money for their coffers, but.... should that be what the program is for?, or should it be as I suggested above "for the economical use of the users"? If the inflated rates can't, or won't be lowered by the Navy management to be more inline with say, the Air Force's CG's, then at the very least tear the rates based on rank, that way the lower rank (less income) members can better afford to stay at these CG's. On a side note, once when I inquired as to why the Navy doesn't do teared pricing I was told by one of the Navy CG's managers that "we have determined that in fact the lower ranks tend to have more disposable income than the more senior ranks do", I was flabbergasted at that "official" response! Is it just me or am I missing something here, the "lower ranks" have more disposable income? How could that be determined? Is it that the lower ranks don't have 2 homes to pay for??
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