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Jan, Feb, Mar 2009
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Wow, what a place. And rates that can't be beat. They have even built an enclosed RV/car wash which is available pretty much all the time. Restrooms, laundry are kept clean as can be. We left and came back a couple of times. Not once did I see a bit trash or litter any where. Many of the RVs had outdoor items such as barbeques, ice makers, bottled water dispensers, outdoor fireplaces, and who knows what else. But they were all kept in a neat and orderly fashion either just outside the door or under their campers. When possible folks that had covers for these items kept them covered. The pads are very level and offer extra large spaces for parking. The place was quiet as a church. The lawnmower was the only real noise but they were just trying to keep the grounds looking good. You are on a flight path to an airport but it didn't bother us that much. The Los Alamitos Army base is close by which has a larger selection of PX items. The post office is just down and around the corner of the Seal Beach Westminster Ave. intersection. Shop around for propane as the locals have the prices jacked up higher than usual. At the entrance is the location of the west coast Submarine Memorial which is looking a little on the rough side. The Queen Mary and a Russian Foxtrot (Scorpion) are not far away and have tours as well as other amenities. The on base beach access is great. Plenty of wild life viewing. As a note there is a Navy Federal Credit Union not too far at the Westminster Mall on the outer edge of the mall area. There is also a Camping World not too far away either and it is very well stocked. What can I say? Lots of pride shown here. Many other military famcamps administration should visit here to get ideas on what a top notch famcamp should be like.
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