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Camp Roberts Featured
California 72905
June 2018
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Barren is the best word to describe this Park. Bringing in an Engineer Unit for their Annual Training to fix this Park up would be a good move. The distance from the front gate is long and the route is not well marked. The sites are not well marked either and in dire need of upgrading. The price is right considering the overall condition, but improvements could allow for an increase in rates. I had no problem figuring out how to place my trailer, but with the barren state of the area, (no trees or growth of any kind, the winds made things even worse. A quick layover between stops is almost not worth the effort. Proximity to Paso Robles is not that great, and given the proximity to the Main Gate, plan for a day trip if you're staying for more than a night. I stayed for 4 after cutting my stay short. There is an exchange on Post, but not much else and Wifi is non-existent unless you are on active duty. Overall this could be a great stop, but it needs work. Hope this helps, safe travels.
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