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California 186775
Nov 4-13, 2018
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This RV Park continues to be one of favorites, but we also have family nearby. They stated the rates will go up again next year. Otherwise, the only thing that has changed here since our last visit last year is the stay policy. The stay policy is now you an stay 30-days, but need to leave for 14-days. They did stress that the 30-days can be extended if the park isn't 95% full. Since they've changed the stay limit (and eliminated homesteading), they've been having financial issues. This is why they are raising the rates. They could save money by reducing the staff. They seem to have LOTS of maintenance that mows the lawn every few days. While the grounds look nice, they could save by reducing staff and only mowing once a week or every 2 weeks. MANY times, we'd see 3 - 5 maintenance people sitting around the BBQ area not working. But this isn't a popular suggestion, as nobody wants to reduce staffing. My only complaint isn't about the RV Park, but about Southern California's HEAVY traffic! IF it wasn't for family here, I wouldn't be visiting this area very often.
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