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August 19 - September 4, 2018
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We are a 45 foot motorhome towing a truck. We planned to arrive on a Sunday and were not sure which gate owuld be open, so we called and were told both Westminster and Forrestal. We prefer Westminster because it is bigger. Unfortunately it was closed so we went to Forrestal. The clearance on that gate is VERY tight. (If any of you have ever been to Kirtland and tried the Eubanks gate, this is worse.) Main office is closed on weekends and so we checked in with the camp host and then on Monday paid for our stay. They do not assign spaces here, you may pick from the list of open sites and that leads to the one "gripe" I have. !5 to 20 foot travel trailers taking up a pull-thru, when they could be easily accommodated in a back in. I wish they would save the pull-thrus for the larger rigs. Camp host said we could ask them to put a note in the file when we make a reservation. Have tried that in the past and it does not do any good. Laundry continues to be free and there is an ice machine for campers. 
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September 20, 2018
You think that because you have a house on wheels you should be given preference to pull throughs? Do you think it's easy to back a trailer in all the time? I was happy to be able to pull thru for once and this park is awesome! Sounds like you just like to complain, don't like the gate, shove the trailers somewhere else and save the good spots for me and my monster rig. I have an idea for you, go park at WalMart, they have plenty of room for your gas hog monstrosity. Just make sure you get permission from the manager, or they might tow your eyesore away.
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