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Oct-2022-to whenever I leave
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We have been here for 6 weeks. Dont plan on moving soon, as I took a job on YPG, so we will be here for a bit. Rate is 435 monthly. Not a bad deal being that its FHU with cable. There have been some changes since others posted. No box is required for CATV as of about a year ago. You can just have your TV scan and get a huge range of channels. Power and water is good. Water here is hard, so a softener will help you out. Make sure to have a regulator. PSI here is high. Water is just fine for drinking, its treated. There is some construction going on at the gate. Be sure to call to get latest info. As of now, large vehicles, RV's will need to use Walker gate. Wifi is supposed to be down as of right now, when working, word is its not the best. Most people out here use Starlink as do I. Works great. Staff here is friendly and easy to work with. Let's get to shopping.... There is a small gas station (no diesel) that is well stocked. There is also a small commissary on base. Has all that you would need. Prices are decent. Don't buy into the hype on it being too costly. It's not bad and well stocked. Right now, they are about 80% full. There are some spots, but in the past few weeks it's been filling up. It wouldn't hurt to call first. I can see why this place gets so many positive reviews.
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