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May 27, 2010
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OK...Great campground. Problem is, it is saturated with senior officers going to school and they don't think that they have to be responsible for their pets (dogs). We are full timers (senior officer retired Navy) and checked in for a couple of days. Just touring was a little tough but nothing we couldn't deal with and knew in advance that we would need extensions. No problem. Had been on the road about 3 hours so our pups (2) need to do their "thing". We got positioned and parked and took our pups out for a stroll (poop bags in hand). First thing we noticed was MUCH dog crap in the grass around the RV's and then one dog charged ours because "it" was not on a leash. I think that a leash is required but not sure because we were never given any rules for the park. Maybe it's OK for your dog to crap where people walk (and no human pickup) and not be on a leash. Don't think so...then later another dog (bulldog) came into our space (at our RV no leash) and our border collie (on a leash) went nuts. Now I know that dogs should be socialized but when an aggressive bulldog charges...anyway we will definitely NOT be back because of the dog issue. Could be a GREAT park for retired (they know dog etiquette). Park host, or whatever he is, SHOULD enforce pet rules and he doesn't. Overworked..?? I think not. Leaving 2 days before we should. SUCKS man!!
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