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March 13-20, 2010
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It is a very nice campground with some minor drawbacks. Some of the newer sites do not have any shade and I can imagine that would be a big factor in the summer. Not so much while I was there. They have added a "trailer" type building that has six new shower rooms. Each with sink and toilet. Across the end of this is a new laundry room with three washers and dryers. 75 cents in each. i used the older laundry facility which is the same price. The newer bathrooms could use some better cleaning, but when I checked them it was early in the day and maybe had not been cleaned for the day. I think the spaces are too close together, but most were occupied although I did not see that many people actually coming to their rigs at night. Water pressure is very high and with a pressure regulator inline on my hose, it kept shutting the water flow off. The only way to get it back was to checking around, visual, I did not see any regulators on the hoses of other rigs. I put my gauge on it and was reading about 100 PSI. I gave everything a four because it is a nice place. As stated, some minor drawbacks.
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