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March 1, 2009
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Had reservation for 2 days and got there around 10:30am on Sunday during a snow storm. List on door had about 15 people assigned to sites and said not to take a site that did not belong to you. Being 1st of month found several guys were changing sites. Someone had mine and was not around. I took empty one talked to couple people waiting to move but they had same problem as me there were people in their sites so they could not move. Now the good part, OFFICE IS CLOSED ON WEEKENDS ????? How is this possible no one working on busy time of week. After set up a guy come and knocked on door and said just for the record you are on my spot and I took another empty site. I stepped outside and said just for the record that big bus is in my spot so if you move him I will than also move. What a merry go around. The electric was off for couple hours so bad trip all around, snow storm, no electric and no site. Check my review from 2 years ago not much changed here just more overflow and more problems. I paid for 1 night and left, my advice is if at all possible try not to use this place.
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