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Oct 15, 2008
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Has been several years since we stopped here and the campground was almost full. Office personnel stated AD can stay 6 months max and we can stay 3 months max. Strictly "no homesteading anymore" was his phrase! There are 14 new sites but whoever laid them out is not an RV'r. They are nice concrete pads for the RV with a picnic pad but the RV pad is too narrow and when you step out your door (diesel pusher) you step into grass. Picnic pad is in the middle and your picnic table is on the line of the site next to you. With slides out there is no room to walk around your coach. On the drivers side we had to go under the slide or walk around our neighbors picnic table to get to our utilities. Not a place I would stay for an extended period of time but a one nighter is okay. Also very tight going in and out of the gate with a 45' RV and tow vehicle and we had to actually go up the road turn around and come back to turn into the road into the campground. I guess that is why I saw about a half dozen class A's and the rest were trailers or 5th wheels.
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