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Nov 2007
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New policy started in Oct. Unless student 90 day stay limit. Bathrooms need lots of work, showers dirty painting needed inside and out of building. Suppose to be no reservations but this seems to be not true depending on who you are. Are about 4 two weeks sites and you can go from overflow to one of them. BEWARE someone might get moved in front of you depending on who is in control of the office. Does not seem to be fair with the rules to all. Overflow has 4 spaces however I seen as much as 7 or 8 trailers here. Some only get electric. Park needs to expanded as plenty of room in field next to main grounds. Seems each year the overflow is harder to get into. Unless you really need the base for something the Army Corp of Eng about 10 miles away is much nicer at $8 a night with Golden Passport. Main gate has been under construcion for over one year, would not suggest bringing any kind of rv thru it. Seen one motorhome rub front side of new rig trying to get thru fence and another guy get flat tire on dolly from running over stuff coming that way.
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