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9-23 October 2023
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I think somebody acted on Dede's detailed May 2023 review. The 1890s bathhouse at the center of the famcamp had been demolished & hauled away when I arrived, and I'm happy for that. WATER at lots #50-59 has remained sandy for at least three years and I've learned to use a "sediment pre-filter" to capture it, followed by a regular outdoor filter, followed by my RV's manifold filter. Famcamp management (such that it is) now acknowledges they have no on-site staff, period. When I stayed here in 2022, they were already planning to shut down the on-site office & community center (such that it was) so they could turn the entire building into an ACSC/AWC study room for all the RVers who come here for colleges. I didn't bother to visit that building, so I can't tell you how far along they've moved on that plan. I always request a spot in the 50-59 range because (a) it has no trees, (b) it has no covered patio that would force me to move for an incoming ACSC/AWC student. yet (c) it's close to the [remaining] shower & laundry facility. The laundry machines actually worked decent enough on this visit.
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