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November 29, 2021
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Maxwell AFB Famcamp is halfway point from our central Florida location to western Ky location. We actually stayed there November 10, 2021 going up and November 29, 2021 on the return trip. They had recently paved the road to the camp site at the beginning of November and we had to take the scenic route (ok - it was night time and dark so not scenic at night, but was scenic the next morning when we departed) around the Northside of the base and flight line on November 10th. As for November 29, 2021 the road near Kelly Gate (Southside) is now open. However, when we departed at 7:30am on November 30th, the Kelly Gate is only "incoming traffic", so we had to travel out the Maxwell gate -- which was fine since we were taking I65 Southbound. As for the camp site -- there were many who were staying longer than 30 days. We had a reservation with a confirmed Site # -- however, the day we arrived there was someone in that slot. Lucky for us, there were several sites open and they made the change to the reservation. ** So if they say when you don't have a reservation and it is after hours, don't park in a empty slot since maybe the camper hasn't arrived yet ***. We would stay there again!
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