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Wyoming 101100
Aug 1 - Aug 23, 2017
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We have been here three times over the last 10 years. WiFi has been a major improvement. Washer Dryer facility very limited for the number of potential users. Great location for local attractions, biking, jogging, etc. I suggest checking out the local laundry in town. Same price, excellent accessibility, about 4-5 miles from famcamp. My only confusion is why the AF is allowing so many of the recreation famcamps to be used as semi permanent housing for active duty and/or contractors. I can understand tdy or new arrivals or those departing housing prior to leaving, but there are more than not that are just turning the famcamp into a trailer park. I'm just not sure that this is in the spirit or intent of famcamps. While here I observed many large RVs moving from site to site so as to extend their stay. If the park was fully available and enforced the 30 day limit there would likely not be any problem except for during Frontier Days. Based on what I see across the AF Bases, Active Duty have realized that this is a great way to stay on base and save a ton of money provided for housing allowance. 
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