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Wyoming 101100
24 - 26 Sep 2016
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Crow Creek is our second favorite FAMCAMP (right behind the AF Academy). If you want resort amenities this is not the place for you. If you want a nice, quiet place to relax and visit the area Crow Creek is wonderful. There are train tracks nearby, but the trains are few and never loud. Water and sewer were still on while we were there, but it's always best to call ahead and check after mid-September even if you don't need a reservation. As always, the bathrooms are well kept, so electric only camping here would not be a problem. The primary campground entrance off Missile Drive is back in use after the bridge washouts of the last few years. The rebuilt bridge over Crow Creek looks much sturdier than earlier versions. The homesteaders, like the people with the outside refrigerator (were there for years - see earlier reviews by several folks) have been moved out. They're trying to accommodate longer term stays needed for valid reasons while getting back to being a limited stay rec facility. We applaud the effort but believe it's produced mixed results so far. We love this FAMCAMP, the base and Cheyenne. We'll return as often as we can.
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