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July 2015
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Okay, so. There's lots of painful truths to learn about FEW Famcamp before you get here, not least of which this year is the daily dark clouds and electrical/rain storms each and every day since at least early June. The FSS CC can't possibly value retirees or the Famcamp--and apparently is okay with slum-like conditions here. Several people I've talked to here have registered complaints in writing and in person. First, there are 2 washers @ $1.75 a load and 3 dryers for $1.25. In a camp this big, that's absurd. I've never paid that much for washers, either, and I've been FT RVing for 3 years. Secondly, as someone said previously, the trees (probably in part because of all the rain) are thick and heavy with branches, which stretch out over all the sites. With 50 knot wind gusts a common occurrence, there's going to be trouble. The only question is when. To say it's harrowing during the storms is an understatement. I was placed into a site that is so short that the back window of my towable is literally against the trees at back. Someone also mentioned the roads. Beware: they are gravel or dirt only, slope downward into the camp, and are gravel-slippery, and/or muddy/washed out after rain. They're also ONE LANE wide. Go very, very, very slowly. The two entrances off of Randall Avenue take you on a single-lane road under low-height railroad bridges. If you follow the directions I was given by the Famcamp manager, you'll be in big trouble. The Missile Gate path in is also closed because the bridge over Crow Creek was washed away (I have no idea how long ago). The only way to safely bring an RV in is to come through the front gate (Exit 11 off of I25) on Randall Ave. After you're in (and the serpentine through the front gate is only wide enough for one vehicle to maneuver safely without dings and scrapes, so let others pass before you attempt it--with or without your RV). Once you're on base, turn left at the light where you'll see a sign pointing to the BX/Commissary. At the end of that road, turn right heading toward the BX/Comm, go past them, after the stop sign stay straight and you'll see the orange detour sign on the right taking you to the Famcamp in a way that will avoid any RR bridges BUT....first up a steep dirt one-lane hill, and down it into a narrow entry into the park where for some insane reason there's a cone in the middle of the road. With regard to the condition of F.E. Warren Famcamp: it looks as though this place is being used as low income housing with no oversight whatsoever. Example 1: there is a veteran living full time in the only cabin one could rent here in the park. He's so settled in that he's got his tiki lamps, barbecue, and other things all set up, including stowing his gear on the front porch. He's got his own private little driveway too. Without any rules, who wouldn't move in? Don't even think you're going to reserve it...and don't listen if someone tries to tell you it's nice after it's been used that way. Example 2: There are ~10 homesteaders here, with a purported 80 people on the waiting list with the rodeo a week away. How do we know they're homesteading? Things stowed beneath the RV with grass and weeds growing over them, one site with a refrigerator boldly covered by its own hand-made shed, etc. It's clear they're favored by the camp manager and have been given the best spots, too. Example 3: Folks here realize that nobody's looking so they completely ignore the rules applied elsewhere regarding maintenance of vehicles. I've seen people unabashedly sudsing up their RV, rinsing and full view of all. One RV is a monstrous mess with the owner rebuilding it right here in the midst of us all. Trash, supplies, and belongings in and around it make this a very unpleasant experience for others. Be prepared to have your vehicle randomly inspected on a regular basis as you come and go off base. I've been here one month and have been inspected 3 times, twice in one day. It's aggravating as hell and utterly pointless when the teenage Security Forces airman pretends to do it. So what's good about F.E. Warren Famcamp? Antelope with their twin and triplet fawns; the CFD rodeo with great country artists, the wide-open prairie, proximity to shopping in Ft. Collins 35 minutes south, the museums, the historic tours and Governor's Mansion (which will be closing for a year soon for renovation). The base museum and director are also a delight. Folks on base are mostly friendly. When the sun shines, it's beautiful to see. The wind makes kite flying....errr...a breeze, and I have a great kite. Don't expect to rent a horse at a stables here, though, there are none to be had. If you're a Longmire fan (Walt Longmire, intrepid sheriff of fictional Ansaroka County, WY, (see A&E and Netflix, you'll love it), there's "Longmire Days" up in Buffalo, WY, too. And of course, there's all the other American history sites.
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July 15, 2015
I tried to be kind in my review but I can't argue any of the points made in this review. F.E. Warren Famcamp could be so much more than it is with just a little effort and management. Thanks for an honest review.
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