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Wyoming 101100
May 10 to 12, 2012
(Updated: May 12, 2012)
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We were here for two nights in the off- season and enjoyed both the picturesque campground and the $10 rate (50A only - no water). It was a pleasant 1-1/4 mile walk to the BX / commissary. The antelope were everywhere and fun to watch. BTW We spoke to the outdoor rec folks before we came in and learned which gate to use. They are doing a lot of work on base on the gates - so gate 1 on Randall was open but under active construction and had been modified with a much higher clearance to allow Semis and big RVs to use it. Gate 5 on Central was open but was closing on Monday for mods. Gate 2 on Missile Drive was closed temporarily but was opening next week. So call the office to find out which gate to use depending on the day of the week and what time of day you are arriving. We called Outdoor Rec @ 307-773-2988 (while their mailing address is on Randall Ave, they are physically located at 6205 15th Cavalry Ave) and they were very helpful. Also, the under passes under the railroad from Randall to the famcamp and at S. Creek and S. Frontier are only 11'5" to 12'5" so use Old Glory Rd (no under or over pass) to Missile Dr and take it past the BX / commissary to the camp.
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