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Wyoming 101100
26 May 2011
(Updated: May 26, 2011)
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We had called to make reservations a few days prior to our arrival and had requested a 50amp site. The lady we spoke with said there would be no problem and if there was no one at the FAMCamp when we arrived there would be a note on the front door designating a site. When we arrived there was no one at the FAMCamp office or any note posted designating a site, I then phoned the FAMCamp, but no answer. After a short wait we asked another RV'er and he suggested that we should just take a vacant site and so we did. After we were completely set up another RV'er arrived and said that we were in his site and should move and soon after that two young ladies arrived and identified themselves as the FAMCamp managers and were told that we must move, understanding that the other RV'ers had made reservations (as we had done) I offered to move and asked them to which site should I move, they had no clue, did not know the difference between 30 and 50 amps, and finally offered me a site that was much too small for my RV. Final result, we packed up and departed. "Total incompetence" should be the name of this FAMCamp! We shall never return!
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