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Wyoming 101100
August 14-29, 2010
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I really want to write a completely negative comment just to keep people away from this outstanding FAMCAMP but I just couldn't do that to Richard. The best in the system? No, but we really had a great stay. We came in gate 2 (Missile Drive) and followed the sign that stated RV's had to stop at the red barn but quickly an airman came over to the RV and said we didn't have to get inspected. I think that is only for exercises. Also think it doesn't matter which gate RV's enter since there aren't any barricades to negotiate at gate 1 or 2 and when we left we had to go out gate 1. Directions on this and the FE Warren FAMCAMP website were good as was the signage directing us to the temporary road. The temporary road is no problem for any size rig. We have a 40' Monaco, towing, and had no problems. In fact, after walking the dog on the old, original drive that was closed due to flooding I liked the temporary road better since it was smoother. No ruts or potholes. The original drive is partial pavement (breaking up) and gravel with ruts and potholes, narrow spots and one sharp turn. They have super fast wi-fi but only in the office unless you get a close site. We could not get a signal from our site (#34) but it's a short walk to the office and the furniture, although old, was comfortable. No cable but we had no problem getting a satellite signal from our site. There is a laundry room at the office with 3 washers and 3 dryers that cost $.75 a load. Dryers were super hot. The laundry room is where we ran into our first negative experience. When my wife started laundry there was a worker in the office and unlike Richard this guy was rude and obnoxious to my wife. When I went in the guy didn't say a word and acted like I just interrupted his nap. In fact I might have being his clothes were all wrinkled, he was dirty, and just plain nasty. I'm not sure if he was on the staff or a volunteer or what but he needs to go. A few other negatives were all because of the other campers. We could never enjoy a morning or evening sitting outside because although the speed limit in the campground is 10 mph very few people seemed to want to go that speed or slower and it is dusty and windy and we would just get covered. The other problem was the campers who insisted on having their dogs off the leash. The German shepherd scared our little Cocker Spaniel. Since Richard doesn't enforce the rules I don't think the Air Force should waste the money printing up the rules and regulations. It's really hard to believe we were all leaders at some level at one time and yet very few follow the rules now. It seems once some people retire every leadership trait ever learned goes out the window. As far as price it didn't seem that bad to me. Curt Gowdy State Park is only $10 for residents and $17 for non-residents and is comparable to FE Warren as far as what they have to offer. They do have lakes nearby though. Most of the others cost more just to get cable TV. From $31.95 to $41.99 before any discounts or taxes. Being our son is stationed at FE Warren we will definitely be back and will definitely stay at this FAMCAMP.
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