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Wyoming 101100
August 31, 2010
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I'm writing this review while at the FE Warren Famcamp for an overnight stay after a long day's drive and a frustrating experience about my reservation. I made a reservation one week ago for a 50 amp FHU pull through. When I asked if they could send a confirmation email I was told they did not have email and didn't give confirmation numbers. To be safe, I called yesterday to confirm my reservation. I reached the manager, Richard. He told me I did not have a reservation for a pull through but it was in fact for site #2, a back in FHU. I told him mistakes happen and it wasn't a problem. When I was 100 miles from them, I received a call from a young lady that said Richard asked her to call and tell me that there was a mix up, and she was told to accommodate me in over-flow, which is dry camping. How do they screw up a single reservation twice? Yesterday I was polite and understanding when I was told the pull-through reservation had gotten screwed up but today I popped a cork and showed my displeasure verbally. Their ineptness prevented me from making other arrangements at another campground. I told them to straighten out their mistake or have the Air Police waiting when I got there. That's the negative part of the story. The positive is that the manager (Richard) came in and found a place for me that is not normally used as a campsite. It's not great but I'm happy to have a place for the night. And he made the site gratis. From reading other reviews this is not an uncommon occurrence here. To be fair, Richard has only been the manager since May. Some other observations. The campground appears run down like a lower priced Passport America park. OK for an overnight but nothing you'd write home about. The base looks nice and there are what appears to be small antelope all over the place. The gate guard was very professional and helpful. The manager said he can't get simple maintenance items done because MWR will not fund them. He said to send an email he has to go to another part of the base. It appears that MWR and the base commander has placed a very low priority on the Famcamp. Hopefully that will change. The review just prior to this one must have stayed at a different campground. Read back a bit to get an accurate feel for this place.
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