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Wyoming 101310
September 2022
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FE Warren Crow Creek FamCamp is a wonderful facility that I would highly recommend. The facility and restrooms/bathhouse/laundry are clean and in good repair. The staff is super friendly and was extremely accommodating to us when due to a personal emergency we had to delay our arrival date by nearly a week. They just rescheduled us without penalty. While the sites are just compressed gravel, they are pretty flat. In Site #3, we did not even need to level our rig. The base commissary and BX are not the largest facilities we have seen but seemed clean, well-stocked, and had a good variety. A fun part of our stay was a visiting herd of antelope, sometimes 20 or more, that would graze on the grass around the campground. About the only negative, and the reason I rated the overall experience as only a 3, was because base security required me to renew my wife’s access pass on a daily basis. So every day of our stay (9 days) at FE Warren we had to make a pilgrimage from our site off the base to the Gate 1 Welcome Center to get her a new pass for the day. This was further complicated on the weekend when the Gate 1 Welcome Center is closed. We were then required to go to Gate 2 security, where we were told that I could access the base and use base services and facilities, but I could not sponsor my wife on base. I showed them my FamCamp rental contract, and my wife's expiring access pass already issued to her by the Welcome Center and politely suggested that maybe that horse was already out of the barn. They were very nice about it and explained that they understood that I had received access at the Welcome Center, but that was not in the operating procedures of Gate 2. They agreed to give her a “courtesy” pass until Monday at which point we could go back to the Welcome Center for ongoing access. So there still seems to be a lot of confusion at FE Warren as to what access is or is not allowed for disabled vets. That being said, it’s a very nice base that is close to town, right off of I-25, and within probably 5 miles of almost any store or service you may need.
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