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Wyoming 101263
1 - 7 July 2019
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We’ve stayed here numerous times and love the park. It’s rustic, but that’s fine. Water/Electric/Sewer are good. Sites are well packed gravel. What hurts this FAMCAMP is lack of anything like competent management. There’s always some kind of issue with reservations and managing them. The site next to us has 50 & 15 Amp receptacles only. Twice this week they tried to put small/30 Amp trailers into the site. There have been several other site mixups this week. Cheryl witnessed an individual pull up to the parks one dumpster and proceed to unload a full load of household trash old furniture, etc. One of the campground employees watched this happen and did not say a word. There are also several examples of people tying out their dog(s) unsupervised and just letting them bark. One family whose campsite looks like a homeless squat pulled the utility trailer they’re living in out for the day for some reason and left their dog by itself tied to a picnic table. And, while they claim they’ve stopped the homesteading, there’s ample evidence that they have not. We love Cheyenne and come here because of it, but the lack of any competent management really, really hurts this campground. Oh, and on top of it all they’ve raised the price for pull-throughs to $30 per night. We’ll probably come back, but we reevaluate every visit.
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