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3.6 121
Wyoming 101100
July 2005
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This was being parked in a gravel pit. I was stationed at this base from 1964-67. It was a wonderful active base at that time. Now it is a ghost base with a very nice new commisary and BX. The camp ground is dirt. The service next to nothing. The govt spent $1,000,000 building this all brick office and put nothing into the rv parking spots. I also found out that the proceeds from the camp go to supporting the NCO/OFC Club and the golf course. Niether would exist without the dirty campground generating a positive cash flow. So when you go there expect to be treated like the cowboy from 1850, also the age of the buildings. There is no reason to stop there if you need proper service or you are over 38' as they can not accomodate you. Actually do not bother unless you have a tent. Now if only the rest of you people who grade these sites would only rate the facilities at all locations with a higher expectancy, maybe, just maybe the services will get serious about providing facilities above a gravel pit. The rating here should be 1's and the Base Commander should be fired for stealing the profits from the Camp Grounds where the money ought to be used to update the camp sites rather than another stupid decision like building a million dollar building to service a 10 cent camp ground.
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