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This is not a Military campground in the sense most would think. It is not on the base proper and is open to the public. we stayed a number of years ago and it was not nearly the experience I have had at other military campgrounds. Not well kept up, and the patrons were horrible. Clearly not former military patrons. We had a couple groups raising all kinds of hell until well after midnite. Quiet hourse started at 10:00pm. Several calls to the office did absolutely nothing to quell the chaos. Car headlights shining all night, even horns going off and on. And yelling and loud music. I talked to others the next day and they had complained as well. The two groups in question left the next day, maybe they were kicked out, but it did nothing to make the previous night any better. The pond was nice but there were no fish to speak off. I couldn't even catch a sunfish with worms. No trout, no bass. I saw several people fishing and not one fish caught over two or three hours. They were acting like I was crazy for only buying one dozen night crawlers saying I would be back in less than a half hour. Folks, I know how to fish. I would hope it has improved, but I will never know because I wont ever stay there again. I live only an hour away too.
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